Maxitech Pharma is fully committed to deliver safe, effective and quality products to consumer and patients, as a fundamental element of their mission and objective.

To meet this commitment Maxitech Pharma has created a focused Quality culture to ensure that highest priority be assigned on the safety, efficacy, quality and reliability of our products and maintain trust with our stakeholder. Each individual within the organization is accountable and responsible for ensuring the products safety and quality throughout the life cycle of the products.

Maxitech Pharma commitment includes:

  • That they will always be compliance with the applicable regulations, requirements, codes and standards.
  • Departmental leaders are accountable to ensure that the procedures are in place and adequately defined to support the safety of patients and consumers.
  • Maxitech Pharma ensures that there workers have the appropriate education, training, skills and the experience to carry out their work competently in accordance with the applicable rules, regulation and requirements.
  • Maxitech Pharma ensures that they maintain a robust management, documentation control system in accordance with the international standards.
  • Maxitech Pharma keeps all documents and their records uniformly, consistently with a high integrity.

Maxitech Pharma quality policy is implemented through a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) and their performance is monitored and regularly reviewed to ensure that standards meet high expectation of quality for our patient, consumer and stakeholder.